Phonics Teacher Training Program


Phonics teaches the relationship between the written letters and individual sounds of spoken language. It is a systematic method for teaching children to read and write. Our phonics program incorporates good practice from the ‘Letters and Sounds’ and ‘Phonics’ programmes to create a multi-sensory learning program.

The impact of training will help unlock every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom. Whether you are using the Phonics, Grammar or Music programmes already or just want to learn more about achieving the best results, we can provide a number of options

  • Learn 24 sounds and actions, form letters and begin to blend words.
  • Learn the remaining 18 sounds and actions, identify tricky words and continue blending.
  • Use previously taught blending skills to read and write new words to build sentences.
  • Learn alternative spellings to help support their spelling and use all the phonics skills learnt in the previous modules to read and write through a variety of texts completed.
  • Phonics encourages children to recognize text fluently by teaching them certain specific language rules relating to the pronunciation of words and how they are represented in a written form.
  • The teaching of phonics is very effective at raising a child’s phonemic awareness.
  • The teaching of phonics is often designed to be fun for children.
  • It is believed that this enhances the learning experience, and ultimately results in a more thorough development of reading and writing skills.



The course is taught through a range of fun, multi-sensory activities by our highly experienced teachers, it includes:

  • Learning 42 letter sounds of 26 Alphabets
  • Learning letter formation
  • Blending
  • Identifying sounds in words
  • Identifying tricky words
  • Vowels (a, e, i, o, u)