Early Childhood Care & Education concerns the education of the very young child. These early years of childhood are the most vulnerable stages in a life.

Early Childhood Care & Education training programs aim at creating individuals who understand that the child is learning from a whole experience rather than from parts of it. Indeed it is this emphasis on academic, emotional, cognitive and social development that has propelled early education training programs to evolve significantly. It is widely recognized that the training of early childhood educators is one the most significant indicators of the provision of quality childcare. In recent years there has been an increasing demand for qualified personnel to work with young children with special needs in Early Childhood Programs.

We at Safal Training Institute strive to provide the best training in child rearing and education experiences for young children with special needs. Our ECCEd. Course curriculum is significantly researched and extrapolated based on a bank of universally accepted guiding principles of early childhood care and education. It builds the foundation of child’s future while focuses on learning through play way method. Early childhood education is definitely the key element that helps in building a good foundation for child's educational success.

An extremely experiential training program, the course will empower the trainees with the knowledge to understand a child's physical, emotional, social, cognitive and creative development. They will master skills necessary to create secure, warm, stimulating learning environments, where play is used as the tool for learning.

The program aims to acquaint a trainee teacher with the fundamentals of child development in the early years, 0.6 years. It provides theoretical and practical knowledge and understanding of principles of early childhood education, based on child development.


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Theory Practicals
Orientation to ECCEd. Creative Journals
Child Development Educational Journals
Curriculum Planning Teaching Aids
Preschool Organisation Lesson Plan
Children with Special Needs Co-Curricular Acitivities